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Our Ladies’ Auxiliary provides catering for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, or Banquets.

Menu Selection

(All prices will have HST applied.)

Main SelectionPrice
Roast Beef Dinner$17.50 + HST
Turkey Dinner$17.50 + HST
Chicken Breast Dinner$17.50 + HST
Ham Dinner$17.50 + HST
Roast Pork Dinner$17.50 + HST
Cold Plate$17.50 + HST
Sandwich Tray$35.00 + HST
Sweet Tray$35.00 + HST
Meat Tray with Rolls$35.00 + HST
Fruit Tray$35.00 + HST
Veggie Tray with Dip$35.00 + HST
Cheese & Crackers$35.00 + HST
Hot & Cold Buffet$17.50 + HST
Soup & Sandwich$9.00 + HST
Hot Hors D’oeuvreTo be determined at time of booking
Punch per Bowl$10.00 + HST
Tea & Coffee$15.00 each + HST

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